What is the difference between Homework help and Question &Answers ?

Homework help

Our Premium Textbook Solutions gives you access to both the ODD and EVEN Step-by-Step solutions to Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 textbooks.

Note: basic (free) memberships only have visibility to the ODD numbered solutions. To unlock the EVEN solutions, you need to upgrade to a premium membership.

If you have a basic membership and are looking to upgrade your account, please write a mail to sales@mathskey.com.

Question &Answers

Our Expert Answers is geared towards students that prefer to post specific questions/problems to the Question & Answers board, where they are answered by Experts or the Mathskey community in as little as 4 hours.

If I post a question and it doesn't get answered, what happens?

We are committed to helping you get unstuck but cannot guarantee that every question you post will receive an answer. However, we make sure that all questions posted to the Question & Answers Board will be addressed by our experts as soon as possible.

About Mathskey Question & Answers

Welcome to Mathskey Question & Answers Community. Ask any Math/Science homework question and receive answers from other members of the community.

Getting Started

New here? Here's what you need to get started on Mathskey.com Question & Answers.

Community Guidelines

We want you to:

  • share what you know
  • be courteous
  • be a good citizen
  • cite your sources
  • ask clearly, categorize correctly

But please don't:

  • vent, rant or use hate speech
  • chat or otherwise violate the question-and-answer format
  • be mean or obscene
  • exploit the community
  • cheat
  • violate the law
  • behave maliciously or harmfully
  • misuse Answers

How does Answers work?

Learn how Mathskey.com Question & Answers works in a quick tutorial

Ask a question.
Ask any Math/Science homework question and get the answers from real people all over the world.

When asking a question, you categorize it in a topic, making it easier for others to find and answer it.

Select a Best Answer
Once your question has been answered, you can pick a best answer.

Have an answer to a question? Share what you know and make someone's day.

Use the category list on the left side of each page to find open questions related to the topic you know about.

You can also use the search box on the right side of each page to locate questions and answers related to specific words and phrases.

Points & Levels

Learn how points and levels help you build your reputation

Points and Levels
To encourage participation and reward great answers, Mathskey.com has a system of points and levels. The number of points you get depends on the specific action you take. The points table below summarizes the point values for different actions. While you can't use points to buy or redeem anything, they do allow everyone to recognize how active and helpful you've been.

Begin participating on Mathskey.com Question & Answers One Time: 100
Posting a question:  2 points
Selecting an answer for your question: 3  points
Per up vote on your question: +1  points
Per down vote on your question: -1  points
Limit from up votes on each question: +10  points
Limit from down votes on each question: -5  points
Posting an answer: 5  points
Having your answer selected as the best: 10  points
Per up vote on your answer: +2  points
Per down vote on your answer: -2  points
Limit from up votes on each answer: +20  points
Limit from down votes on each answer: -5  points
Voting up a question: 1  points
Voting down a question: 1  points
Voting up an answer: 1  points
Voting down an answer: 1  points


Expertise Level

The more points you earn, the higher your expertise level will be. Your level is always based on total earned points

User Points
Rookie 100
Novice 300
Pupil 500
Apprentice 1000
Scholar 2000
Mentor 3000
Expert 6000
Guru 10000
Sage 20000
Oracle 30000

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