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Solve each system of equations by using elimination.

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Solve each system of equations by using elimination.

asked Jul 29, 2014 in ALGEBRA 2 by anonymous
reshown Jul 29, 2014 by bradely

1 Answer

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The system of equations are image.

Neither variable has a common coefficient.The coefficient  of the q - variables are 8 and 5 and their least common multiple is 40, so multiply each equation by the value  that will make the q - coefficient 40.

To get two equations that contain opposite terms multiply the first equation by 5 and second equation by 8.

Write the equations in column form and add the corresponding columns to eliminate q - variable.


The resultant equation is image.

Substitute the value of image in either of the original equations and solve for q.

The first equation: image.





The solution is image

The option b is correct.

answered Jul 29, 2014 by casacop Expert

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