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find f(x-4)=sqrt(x+1)^2 -5

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Given: f(x-4)= sqrt(x+1)^2-5  show me how to proceed please.
asked Mar 11, 2014 in CALCULUS by andrew Scholar

1 Answer

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The function is image.

Order of Operations:

To simplify the expression follow the order of operations: (PEMDAS)

1.      Evaluate the expressions inside the Parenthesis/Brackets (P).

2.      Evaluate Powers/Exponents (E).

3.      Multiply and/or Divide in order from left to right (MD).

4.      Add and/or Subtract in order from left to right (AS)

A simple technique for remembering the order of operations is turned into phrase "Please Excuse My Dear Aunty Sally".






answered Apr 8, 2014 by lilly Expert

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