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How do you factor y^2+5y+6

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Show work please.

asked Mar 8, 2013 in BASIC MATH by dkinz Apprentice

1 Answer

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Apply zero product property.

y+2=0 ----------> y = -2
y+3=0---------------> y = -3

Solution set y = -2 and -3

answered Mar 9, 2013 by casacop Expert
what are the factors for this???
what are the factors for this??? We just learned this today in class (Im in algebra 1) and I'm totally confused. I have been since I started taking this class. High school sucks
y^2+5y+6=y^2+3y+2y+6 =y(y+3)+2(y+3) =(y+3)(y+2) Factors are (y+3) and (y+2)

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