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solve each formula for the specified variable 1/R=1/R1+1/R2+1/R3 for R help

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1/R=1/R1+1/R2+1/R3 for R help
asked Oct 23, 2014 in ALGEBRA 2 by doan12345 Pupil

1 Answer

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LCM of R, R2, and  R3 is R1 R2R3

1/R=(R2R3+R1R3+R1 R2)/(R1R2R3)

Apply Cross multiplication.

R1R2R3= R (R2R3+R1R3+R1 R2)

R = (R1R2R3)/(R2R3+R1R3+R1 R2)

answered Oct 23, 2014 by bradely Mentor

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