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Help please , thank you!

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Step 1:


Observe the figure:

Inscribed angle theorem of circle:

If the inscribed angle measure x, the central angle will measure 2x.



The triangle DAB is right angled triangle and DB is the hypotenuse.

Therefore, .

Step 2:


Find .

Draw an angle bisector from A.

Angle .

Therefore, .

Redraw the figure:

From the triangle ACB: .

Therefore, .

Step 3:


Find .

From the triangle ACD: .

Therefore .

Step 4:


Find the length of AD.

From triangle ABD: image.


Therefore, image


(a) .

(b) .

(c) .

(d) image

answered Feb 10, 2016 by Lucy Mentor
edited Feb 10, 2016 by Lucy

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