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Find the relative extrema of the function: g(x)= 2x sech x

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asked Sep 15, 2018 in CALCULUS by djones Rookie
reshown Sep 15, 2018 by bradely

1 Answer

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The function is g(x) =2xsechx

Calculate the derivative.

Apply the product rule.

g'(x) =2x(-sechxtanhx)+2sechx


g'(x) =0


2sechx≠ 0



Solve the equation

x =-1.2 and 1.2

Calculate the minimum value.

g(-1.2) =2(-1.2)sech(-1.2) =-0.66

Calculate the maximum value.

g(1.2) =2(1.2)sech(1.2) =0.66

Therefore the relative extreme is (-1.2,-0.66) and (1.2,0.66).

answered Sep 16, 2018 by lilly Expert

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