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whats the Mean, Median, and Mode of 15,7,14,21,5,9 and 13 ???

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Seven people were asked How many miles they lived from work. The response were 15,7,14,21,5,9,and 13. Find the Mean Median and Mode

asked Dec 7, 2013 in GEOMETRY by mathgirl Apprentice

1 Answer

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Given numbers 15,7,14,21,5,9,13

Mean is ratio between sum of the total numbers and number of total numbers.

Mean = (15+7+14+21+5+9+13)/7

Mean = 84/7 = 12

Median is middle most number in order of given series.


There fore Median is 13.

Mode is most repeated in the given numbers.

No number is mode of given numbers.

answered Dec 7, 2013 by william Mentor

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