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+2 votes
What is the integral of sin^3 x cos^3 x dx
asked Dec 25, 2012 in CALCULUS by skylar Apprentice

1 Answer

+2 votes
∫sin^3xcos^3x dx

Rewrite cos^3x=cos^2x*cosx

∫sin^3xcos^2x*cosx dx

using trignometrical formula sin^2x+cos^2x=1

∫sin^3x(1-sin^2x) cosx dx

∫(sin^3x-sin^5x) cosx dx

∫sin^3xcosx dx-∫sin^5x cosx dx

let t=sinx then


dt=cosx dx

Rewrite the integral by substituting t=sinx and dt=cosx dx

∫t^3 dt-∫t^5 dt

t^4/4 -t^6/6

Substitute t = sinx then


The integral of sin^3xcos^3x dx is Sin^4x/4-Sin^6x/6
answered Dec 25, 2012 by sachin Rookie

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