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There are 100 pens sofia paid 8 dollars, cameron paid 1 dollar, and keylon paid two dollars how many pens would each get

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Riley heard Sofia, Cameron, and Keylon coming home from school supplyshopping with their mother. Riley had finished his supply shopping days ago.Their mother told them that she would buy the basic supplies, but if they wantedanything special, they would have to use their own money from their allowances.As the younger children emptied their bags on the family room floor, Riley noticeda box of !! very nice gel pens."# wish # had bought some of these for myself,$ Riley told his siblings. "%id eachof you buy one of these boxes of pens&$"'one of us had enough money to buy this big box for ourselves,$ Keylon said."(om said it would be better to buy one big box rather than ) smaller ones,$Cameron said. "So we pooled the money we had left.$"The trouble is, now we cannot figure out how many pens each of us should get,$Sofia said. "# *now # should get the most because # put in the most, +. Keylon had+- and Cameron only has +. Can you help us&$ased on the amount that each child contributed, how many of the !! pens shouldeach get /Sofia, Keylon, and Cameron0& 1xplain your reasoning using evidencefrom the story. 2our response is due in the turtle by Thursday

asked Sep 8, 2016 in PRE-ALGEBRA by anonymous
reshown Sep 8, 2016 by goushi

1 Answer

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Step 1:

There are image pens have.

Let image represents the cost of image pens.

Find image pens cost.


Find how many pens would each get.


Sofia paid image ,then



Cameron paid image, then



Keylon paid image ,then



Sofia gets image pens.

Cameron gets image pens.

Keylon gets image pens.

answered Sep 8, 2016 by Anney Mentor

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