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Chemistry Help???

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At 473 K, for the reversible elementary reaction

2 space N O C l rightwards arrow from leftwards arrow for k subscript minus 1 end subscript of to k subscript 1 of 2 space N O space plus C l subscript 2



k1=7.8×10−2 M-1 s-1 and k−1=4.7×10M-2 s-1. A sample of NOCl is placed in a container and heated to 473 K. When the system comes to equilibrium, [NOCl] is found to be 0.11 mol/L .What is the equilibrium concentration of [NO]?

Hint: Equilibrium is achieved when the forward reaction rate is equal to the reverse reaction rate.

[NO] = ___ M

asked Apr 7, 2017 in CHEMISTRY by heather Apprentice
reshown Apr 7, 2017 by goushi

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