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Chemistry Help???

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Calculate the pH of a solution made by mixing 0.20 mol HC2H3O2 (Ka=1.8*10^(-5)) with 0.030 mol NaOH in 1.0 L of aqueous solution.
asked Apr 9, 2015 in CHEMISTRY by heather Apprentice

1 Answer

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Step 1:

The initial amount of [HC2H3O2] is 0.2 mol.

The initial amount of [NaOH] is 0.03 mol.

The chemical equation is image.

Initial Amount image image
Change in Amount image image image
Equilibrium amount image image


Step 2:

Concentration of [HC2H3O2] is image.

Concentration of [NaC2H3O2] is image.

Definition of pH:


image of acetic acid is image.


pH of the solution is 4.0162.


pH of the solution is 4.0162.

answered Apr 9, 2015 by Lucy Mentor

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