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Chemistry help?

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how do an electrolysis and a voltaic cell differ? How are they similar?
asked Apr 25, 2015 in CHEMISTRY by heather Apprentice

1 Answer

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Step 1:

Differences between Electrolytic cell and Voltaic (Chemical) cell :

1. Electrolytic cell needs electrical supply to run.

    Voltaic cell does not need electrical supply.

2.Electrolytic cell electrodes can be same or different metals.

   Voltaic cell electrodes must be 2 different metals.

3.In Electrolytic cell electrons flow from anode to cathode through external circuit.

    In Voltaic cell electrons flow from more electropositive metal to less electropositive metal.

4.In Electrolytic cell energy transforms from electrical energy to chemical energy.

   In Voltaic cell energy transforms from chemical energy to electrical energy.

5.In Electrolytic cell Oxidation occurs & Anions release electrons at anode in positive terminal.

    In Voltaic cell Reduction occurs & Oxidizing agent gain electrons at cathode in positive terminal.

6.In Electrolytic cell Reduction occurs & Cathode gain electrons from the cathode in negative terminal.

    In Voltaic cell Oxidation occurs & Reducing agent Releases electrons at anode in negative terminal.

Step 2:

Similarities Between  Electrolytic Cells and Voltaic cells:

1.Both Electrolytic and voltaic cell use redox reaction.

2.The anode is the site of oxidation in both Electrolytic and voltaic cell.

3.The cathode is the site of reduction in both Electrolytic and voltaic cell.

4.The electrons flow through the wire from anode to cathode in both Electrolytic and voltaic cell.

answered Apr 25, 2015 by Thomas Apprentice

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