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prove that tan theta/sec theta-1 = sec theta + 1/tan theta

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proving trigonometric identities

asked Nov 30, 2013 in TRIGONOMETRY by abstain12 Apprentice

1 Answer

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Tan theta/(SecTheta-1) = (Sec theta+1)/Tan theta

Left hand side identity = Tan theta/(Sectheta-1)

Multiple with (Sectheta+1) to numarator and denominator.

= Tan theta*(Sec theta+1)/(Sec theta-1)(Sec theta+1)

= Tan theta*(Sec theta+1)/(Sec^2  theta-1)

Sec^2 theta-1 = Tan^2 theta

= Tan theta*(Sec theta+1)/Tan^2 theta

= (Sec theta+1)/Tan theta

= Right hand side identity

answered Jan 23, 2014 by friend Mentor

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