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How to solve this pulley problem?

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A pulley with a diameter of 14 inches is running at 140 rpm while belted to a 28 inch pulley. Find the speed of the larger pulley.
asked Jan 19, 2013 in PRE-ALGEBRA by rockstar Apprentice

1 Answer

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Small pulley diameter,d1=14 in.

Radius of the the small pulley,r1=d1/2

                                              =14/2=7 in.

Speed of the small pulley,omega1=140 rpm

Large pulley diameter,d2=28 in.

Large of the the small pulley,r2=d2/2

                                             =28/2=14 in.

Use the relation




               =70 rpm

Speed of the large pulley,omega2=70 rpm




answered Jan 19, 2013 by bradely Mentor
edited Jan 19, 2013 by bradely

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