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Find the domain of the composite function (G(F(X)).

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F(X) = 3x      G(Y) = 1/Y

G(F(X)) = 1/3x
asked Aug 29, 2014 in ALGEBRA 2 by hana_24 Novice

1 Answer

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G(F(x)) = 1/3x


First set the denominator equal to zero. Remember, dividing by 0 is undefined.

So if we find values of x that make the denominator zero, then we must exclude them from the domain.

The domain of the function

f(x) = 1/3x is all real numbers except zero (since at x = 0, the function is undefined: division by zero is not allowed!).

Domain: {x | x R, x 0}

answered Aug 29, 2014 by bradely Mentor

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