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Simplify the expression: cot theta sec theta.

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i need help asap!!!
asked Feb 13, 2015 in TRIGONOMETRY by senior2015256 Rookie

1 Answer

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The given expression is cot θ . sec θ

From the  trigonometric quotient Properties: cot θ =cos θ /sin θ

From the  trigonometric reciprocal Properties: sec θ =1 /cos θ

(cot θ)(sec θ) =(cos θ /sin θ)(1 /cos θ)

                    =(1 /sin θ)

                    = cosec θ

answered Feb 13, 2015 by bradely Mentor

thanks!!! can you explain this to me?

Which expression is equivalent to sec2x − 1?

a.) cot^2x

b.) tan^2x

c.) csc^2x

d.) cos^2x

sec2x − 1

According to pythogorean identity sec^2 x -tan^2 x =1

sec^2 x =1+tan^2 x

sec2x − 1 = 1+tan^2 x -1 =tan^2 x

Option b is correct


Thank you!

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