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Vector mechanics for engineers Beer 10th dynamics 11-140P

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A motorist starts from rest at Point A on a circular entrance ramp when
t = 0, increases the speed of her automobile at a constant rate and
enters the highway at Point B. Knowing that her speed continues to
increase at the same rate until it reaches 100 km/h at Point C,
determine (a) the speed at Point B, (b) the magnitude of the total
acceleration when t = 20 s.
asked Jul 9, 2015 in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING by anonymous
reshown Jul 9, 2015 by casacop

1 Answer

0 votes

a) Therefore, the speed at B is 23.27 m/s

b) Therefore, the total acceretation is 3.706 m/s^2

answered Jul 10, 2015 by joseph Apprentice

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