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Math hw help please!!thanks so much I really appreciate it?

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1)Gerald is designing a garden in a space that has a width two times its length.He decides to use 4ft of the width to make a patio,and 3ft of the remaining length to make a flower bed.He made the diagram below(the diagram shows the top line of the rectangle is 2x the bottom line is 4ft the sides are 3ft and the other side is x)
Gerald decides to make the unshaded area a lawn.What expression,in terms of x,can Gerald use to find the area of the lawn?
A) (x+3)(2x+4)
C) (x-3)(2x-4)
D) (2x-x)(x-7)
2)What is the solution to the inequality below?
13-3z>(with the line underneath)z+5
A)z<(with line underneath)2
B)z>(with line underneath the sign)2
C)z<(with line underneath the sign)-2
D)z>(with line underneath the sign)-2
asked Nov 9, 2013 in ALGEBRA 2 by skylar Apprentice

2 Answers

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Given that




Divide each sides with 4.




z<(with line underneath)2

(option a)

answered Nov 11, 2013 by jouis Apprentice
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2)13-3z > z+5

Bring varible terms to left side.

-3z-z > 5-13

-4z > -8

Apply division property, divide by negitive 4 to each side and change the symbol.

-4z/-4 < -8/-4

z < 2

Option a is correct answer.


answered Nov 11, 2013 by william Mentor

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