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GEOMETRY QUESTION I do not understand... :( And 2 I do not know how to work out...?

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1. △TRI is an isosceles triangle with ∠R congruent to ∠T and side lengths as shown. Find x.
Side IT= 4x + 8
Side IR= 6x - 3
Side RT= 8x -10
How would I solve this? And what is the answer?

2. In the figure at the right, segment LO congruent to segment OM congruent to segment ON. If m∠L = 56, find m∠OMN.
How would I figure this out? Tell me so I can work it out with the figure.

3. In the figure at the right, segment XY is a diameter and mZY = 112 degrees. Find
a. m∠Z.
b. m∠Y
How would I work this out to fin these answers?

Thanks a ton!!!! I really appreciate it, these problems have been bothering me forever!
asked Jan 10, 2013 in GEOMETRY by linda Scholar

1 Answer

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Isosceles Triangle: A triangle with two equal sides, the angles opposite the equal sides are also equal.

Therefore IT = IR

4x + 8 = 6x - 3

Subtract 4x from each side.

8 = 2x - 3

Add 3 to each side.

2x = 11

Divide each side by 2.

x = 11/2

Therefore x = 11/2.

answered Feb 18, 2013 by britally Apprentice

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