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identify the solution set for system of inequalities?

+2 votes
y >(or equal to) 1/2*x - 3
asked Jan 14, 2013 in ALGEBRA 2 by anonymous Apprentice

1 Answer

+1 vote

Draw the coordinate plane.

Next graph the y >= 1/2*x - 3  inequality boundary with solid line and shade the region with green color.

Then graph the inequality 2x+3y<6 boundary with dotted line and shade the region with pink color.

solution to system of inequalities 2x + 3y > 6 and y>=1/2x -3

The solution of 2x+3y<6 is region 2 and 3.

The solution of  y >= 1/2*x - 3 is region 1 and 3.

The region that provides a solution of both inequalities is the solution of the system. Region 2 is the solution of the system.

answered Jan 14, 2013 by steve Scholar

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