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The acceleration of a car that increases it's velocity from 0 to 100 m/s in 20 seconds is...?

+4 votes

This is a question on my homework, but I can't find the answer in my textbook, please help!

A. 5 m/s
B. 5 m/s^2
C. 10 m/s^2
D. 20 m/s^2
E. 20 m/s

asked Jan 28, 2013 in PHYSICS by dkinz Apprentice

1 Answer

+4 votes

Initial velocity,u=0 m/s

Final velocity,v=100 m/s

Increased velocity,Δv=v-u=100 m/s

Time intreval,Δt=20 s



                    = 5 m/s^2

Option B is correct

answered Jan 28, 2013 by bradely Mentor

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