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Physics Homework Help?

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Two children are sending signals along a cord of total mass 0.56 kg tied between tin cans with a tension of 39 N . It takes the vibrations in the string 0.60 s to go from one child to the other.

How far apart are the children?
asked Nov 7, 2015 in PHYSICS by anonymous

1 Answer

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The mass of the cord is image.

The tension in the cord is .

Time taken for vibration of string is 0.60 sec.

The velocity of the transverse wave on the cord is image, where image is the tension in the cord and image.


Velocity of the wave: image, where image and image is the time.


Substitute image and image


Distance between childrens is 25.07 m.

answered Nov 7, 2015 by Lucy Mentor
edited Nov 7, 2015 by Lucy

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