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Physics Homework Help?

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Suppose you pull a simple pendulum to one side by an angle of 5, let go, and measure the period of oscillation that ensues. Then you stop the oscillation, pull the pendulum to an angle of 10, and let go. The resulting oscillation will have a period about ________ the period of the first oscillation.



asked Nov 7, 2015 in PHYSICS by anonymous

1 Answer

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The time period of the pendulum is image.

The time period does not depends on starting angle, amplitude of oscillation.

The period of a pendulum is determined by the length of the string and the acceleration of gravity, not the angle.

Both oscillations have same pendulum length and acceleration of gravity.

Therefore, the both pendulums have same period.

Option (c) is correct.

answered Nov 7, 2015 by cameron Mentor

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