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Physics Homework Help?

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In an internal combustion engine, air at atmospheric pressure and a temperature of about 20 ∘C is compressed in the cylinder by a piston to 18.0 of its original volume (compression ratio 8.0).

Estimate the temperature of the compressed air, assuming the pressure reaches 38 atm .

asked Nov 29, 2015 in PHYSICS by anonymous

1 Answer

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At temperature image:

Atmospheric pressure of the air is 1 atm.

Let initial volume of the air be image.

Initial temperature image of the air = 20°C = 20+273 = 293 K.

At temperature image:

Volume of the air is compressed by a factor of image, then volume is image.

The atmospheric pressure of the gas at final temperature is 38 atm.

Equation of the ideal gas: image.



The Temperature of the air is 1118.75°C.

answered Nov 30, 2015 by Lucy Mentor
edited Nov 30, 2015 by Lucy

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