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Factorise completely 2x square + 3xy + y square

0 votes

dont even know where to start.?

asked May 14, 2013 in ALGEBRA 1 by abstain12 Apprentice

2 Answers

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2x2 + 3xy + y2

2x2 + 2xy + xy + y2

2x(x + y) + y(x + y)

Take out common term x + y

(x + y)(2x + y).

answered May 14, 2013 by diane Scholar
0 votes

Can't be factored.


1) If it says to "factor" and it's too hard then stop and say "Unfactorable." Probably you should try the Q.F. because something might have slipped by you and it's really easy to factor. 

2) If it says "solve", set it equal to zero, try to factor it. If it's hard to factor, use the Quadratic Formula. 
Or you can use the Q.F. to start with.

source: http://www.ask.com/answers/324783081/factor-completely-x-squared-3x-7-0

answered May 14, 2013 by Naren Answers Apprentice

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