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slope-intercept form

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How to solve this problem?

line perpendicular to 2x-3y+1=0 and has a y intercept of 2/3


Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

asked Dec 24, 2012 in ALGEBRA 1 by dozey Mentor

1 Answer

+2 votes

Given equation is 2x-3y+1=0

Write the equation in slope intercept form

y= 2/3x+1/3

Compare the above equation with slope intercept form y=mx+b, where m is slope and b is intercept.

Here slope m=2/3

If two lines are perpendicular, the slope (m1) of one line is opposite reciprocal of the second line slope (m2). It can be represented as, .

slope of new line m= -3/2

Given y intercept is 2/3.

Substitute slope and intercept in y=mx+b


The perpendicular line to2x-3y+1=0 is y=-3/2x+2/3.

answered Dec 25, 2012 by sachin Rookie

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