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Creat a word problem for 6x + 8y = 24 and then determine the slope, x, and y-intercept.

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Creat a word problem for 6x + 8y = 24 and then determine the slope, x, and y-intercept.
asked Nov 20, 2015 in ALGEBRA 1 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Step 1:

The equation is .

Create a word problem.

Sammi purchased  pens and  chocolates and the total amount spent for purchasing both items is $24.

1) Write an equation to represent the situation.

2) Find the slope of the equation.

3) Find the -intercept and -intercept of the equation.

Step 2:

Let  be the cost of each pen.

Let  be the cost of each chocolate.

Amount spent by Sammi for pens is .

Amount spent by Sammi for Chocolates is .

Total amount spent by Sammi is .

Therefore the equation is .

The slope intercept form is image, where image is slope and image is the -intercept.

Convert the equation into slope-intercept form of line equation.

Subtract image from each side.


Apply additive inverse property image.


Divide each side by 8.



Compare the equation with slope intercept form of line equation.

Here image and image.

Therefore, the slope of the line equation is image.

The -intercept is image.

Step 3:

Find the -intercept by substituting image in .






The -intercept is image.


The slope of the equation is image.

-intercept is image and -intercept is image.


answered Nov 20, 2015 by Sammi Mentor
edited Nov 22, 2015 by moderator

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