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Logarithm Problem? Algebra 2? I have a test on this tomorrow!?

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so i was studying for this algebra 2 test i have tomorrow and i came across this problem.
2log(base-a)x + log(base-a)2 = log(base-a)(5x+3)

asked Jan 9, 2013 in ALGEBRA 2 by angel12 Scholar

1 Answer

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2log(base-a)x + log(base-a)2 = log(base-a)(5x+3)

Using logarthamic property alogb=log(b^a)

log(base-a)x^2 + log(base-a)2 = log(base-a)(5x+3)

Using addition property of logarthims loga+logb=logab

log(base-a)(2x^2)  = log(base-a)(5x+3)



Solving above equation we get



2x+1=0 or x-3=0

x=-1/2 or x=3
answered Jan 9, 2013 by bradely Mentor
selected Jan 10, 2013 by angel12
oh man ,thank u very much good approach.

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