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sin A= 24/25, length of third side? ratio for cos A? Tan A?

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 In a certain right triangle Sin A=24/25,

a.    What is the length of the third side? Use Pythagorean Theorem.

b.    What is the ratio for Cos A?

c.     What is the ratio for Tan A?



asked Nov 27, 2013 in TRIGONOMETRY by angel12 Scholar

1 Answer

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sinA  = 24/25

Therefore opposite side is 24 and hypotenuse is 25.

a) To find length of third side

From the Pythagoren therom

(24)^2+(adjacentside)^2 = (25)^2

576+(adjacent side)^2 = 625

adjacent side = sqrt(625-576)

adjacent side = sqrt(49)

adjacent side = 7

b) ratio of cosA = adjacent side/hypotenuse

cosA = 7/25

c) ratio of TanA = opposite side/adjacent side

TanA = 24/7

answered Nov 27, 2013 by william Mentor

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